Friday, September 16, 2011


Hallo raagshahana

Reading your Blog post "Open Letter To A Delhi Boy" made me furious and also made me think.
It does not take I genius to guess what may have inspired you to write that post.
I am a full fleshed Delhiite, so it was natural for me to be annoyed with your protest.

However I would like to tell you that you have my sympathy, I know Delhi has many ugly sides but so does every other part of the human society.

Your views are stereotypical and your sarcasm is just plain racist.
I see you have focus most of your angry on the Punjabi community of Delhi.
And call it the Delhi society, you know there are numerous communities in Delhi, but unlike Mumbai where these communities have different presence in the city, in Delhi every community is a part of The Delhi Community, famously quoted by the Mumbai Dabbawalas. Which includes the Tamil, Maharashtrian, Oriya, and many other communities from every part of India.

You are not the only one who faced hardship in different city away from homeland.
It's not like North Indian are treated warm hearty in South India, not to mention Shiv Sena and MNS in Maharashtra.

I am not pointing finger at you or any community just showing you the facts.
Like the fact that in some part of South India if you speak Hindi you would not be answered or treated well.
And also the fact that in Bangalore, people have a mind-set of anti North Indian by over charging for any commodity, or the fact that you are very rarely would come across a restaurant with North Indian cuisine. However you will find a lot of South Indian restaurants in Delhi.

I don't blame you for your thoughts and expressing them which happens to be your fundamental right through out the territory of India(Both in North & South India), I am just telling you that these things are everywhere, the things you experienced. I don't know what prompt you to that post(letter) but I know that it wouldn't have been nice, and I know that Delhi has a tag 'not as safe for women' and some people try their level best to live up to that tag. But NOT EVERYONE IS THE SAME.
There are good as well as evil in every part of human inhabited world.

Through out history we have been an nation divided by many boundaries(geographical and psychological) and that have been our biggest weakness.

Author Chetan Bhagat has written an beautiful story called "2 States"  on the matter of differences of North Indians and South Indians through his own experiences of his struggle to bend the cultural differences for the sake of his love, his wife. He being and Punjabi married an South Indian girl with consent of both their parents which they fought greatly to achieve.
So you see that cultural differences doesn't matter if we stop giving them importance.

Through I would agree on some of your sarcastic stereotyping, yes some of the Punjabi youth has an big ego and we Delhiites are known to be arrogant we is not lie, as well as the rudeness of the Haryanvis.

I am not an Punjabi but your racist remarks towards the Punjabi community do angers me, since many of my friends are Punjabi who are good people. However I will let your remarks fade away as an angry response from an wounded heart.
With this post I wanted you respond to you in an open hearten manner, not to question you but to point out your wrong view about North Indian (maybe a little more of Delhi) in the least sarcastic manner(more satirical I suppose).

We have many problems in Delhi(so does every part of the world)
Still we have warm heart(Like the famous saying Yeh Delhi hai Dilwalon ki), it such that you have seen most of the wrong sides of Delhi.
I would suggest meet better people, there are around 16,753,235 people in Delhi.
Good people are not hard to find if you look with a good heart.

From Delhi With Love

A Delhi Boy

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